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A cyborg is defined as 'part man, part machine.' A human being modified for life in a hostile or alien environment by the substitution of artificial organs and other body parts, or a part human/part robot hybrid. The definition of cyborg is altered once you enter the MUD (Multi User Dungeon) world. In the MUD world, cyborg means that your client is actually doing some things for you that are repetative. For instance, you can set up many clients to automatically greet anyone entering the room, this can typically get irritating if you have a lot of people entering the room. You can also set up clients to respond to certain phrases (or triggers). Of course, this can have disastrous consequences. If PlayerA sets his client up to say hi every time PlayerB says hi, and then PlayerB does the same type of thing with their client, then their clients will frantically repeat hi to each other over and over until both players manage to escape. When setting your program to do anything automated, it is best to check first and make sure it will not do anything to overload the MUD.


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